Tyr is Mine

The Liberator
Festival of the Highest Sun day 2

Out of Character News (OOC):

  1. Next Session 11/12/10 @ 8:30 pm
  2. 3rd Session 12/10/10 @ 8:30 pm
  3. Please update Wiki character sheets when you have some time. It will help me plan adventures around your PC’s. Don’t forget to include your PC’s Belief, Instinct, and Traits.
  4. I’ll try to hit on Beliefs, Instincts as we go along, however, it is up to you as a player to bring them and your traits into play. Here is what I have (let me know if I need to change something):
    Belief = Knowledge is the true path to freedom.
    Instinct = I will ALWAYS protect my allies.
    Belief = Actions without recognition are meaningless.
    Instinct = Three hots and a cot, or I will always do what it takes to survive.
    Belief = Make the most of every opportunity because you might be dead before the next one comes along.
    Instinct = If a companion is threatened I always go on the offensive.

In Character News (IC):

  1. The first night of the Festival of the Highest Sun was wild and dangerous. The Templars seemed to have more trouble than normal keeping the public in check. Several businesses in The Caravan District were looted, suggesting that the many have lost their outright fear of the Templars.
  2. Word on the street is that a defiler caused serious damage in the Artisan District. Templars were seen rushing to Sculptor’s Square just after 3rd hour of the 2nd Day (read 3 am).
  3. King Tithian has announced that there will no longer be a Freeman’s Market Day (stadium market) on the 5th day of the Festival of the Highest Sun. Instead, the king has called for a special arena event in honor of his ensuing coronation.

Dark Sun Nugget
In Tyr psionics, otherwise known as The Way, is taught in academies which usually only noble families can afford. The Way is neither common nor rare, but just a part of life in Tyr and on Athas. Every so often a person is born with innate psionic abilities. These people are called Wilders. Many creatures of Athas possess psionic abilities as well, and the ones that do are often the most feared.

The Liberator
Festival of the Highest Sun - Day 1




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