Merchant District

Caravan Way snakes into the Merchant District from the east. The main thoroughfare reaches its terminus in the shadow of the ziggurat at Iron Square, where the road divides to surround the center of trade. Assortments of loyal guards and laborers work in the warehouses that adjoin the emporiums.

Each of the largest trading houses on Athas maintains emporiums, offices, and homes in the Merchants District. Grandiose trading parlors line Iron Square, each branded with the name of emblem of the controlling merchant house and staffed by junior members of the house. Between the prominent emporiums sit small traders that fill niche markets and handle cargo that the bigger merchants avoid due to too little profit or too much risk. Most houses hire dependable caravan guards for their frequent cross-desert trade treks.

Merchant Houses

House Vordon

House Wavir

House Shom

House Tsalaxa

House Stel

House M’ke

House Ianto


Merchant District

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