Noble District

Tyr’s Noble District is divided in two by The Caravan District. The stylish, spacious stone residences of the Noble District serve as a reminder what most commoners will never possess – a family name associated with a history of wealth and influence.

Shops in this district cater to a more sophisticated clientele, spicing up their offerings with colorful music, enticing displays, and any other means to get nobles to linger and drop more coin.

Vendors and Sites in the District:

Rhey’s Apothecary – Offers medicinal herbs, water pipes, scented candles and oils, incense, and musical instruments.

Narissa’s Colors and Scents – Goods include perfumes, body oils, face paints, and colorful feathers.

Jade Jozhal – Items include exotic jewelry fashioned from bone, horn, wood, metal and gems.


Noble District

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