Session 2

Atti and Thorton move mekillot blocking Tarnished cup

Talk to Gavan Sul – deliver package; introduces psionic dagger.
introduces task – retrieve anakore for Paxitus of House Wavir, from Under-tyr. Can be found in the caravan district organizing runs between Tyr and Balic.
Atti wants boomerang from Gavan Sul – from Crystal-gut tribe of halflings from the Ringing Mountaints.

Riot in the Brick Yards – bypass through tent-city. Run into Xalos (see plot hooks)

Belching Bride – talk to bouncer
Tug is missing
Bouncer recognizes Thorton as a star gladiator.

PC’s mess with Astartus a bit, Coryn of Mericles backs him up; he only pays 20 gp for the task.

Phaedrus’s escorts show up.

Thorton on platform fighting silk worm; atti climbing to fight with him.

Session 2

Tyr is Mine Lodechrist