Smith's District

The labor performed here is big, loud, and usually requires a lot of space. Some trade takes place in this district, but very few people make their homes here.

Vendors and Sites in the District:

Brickyards – Once the bloody grounds where the brick to form the Ziggurat of Kalak was beaten out of slaves, this area still produces bricks. However, most of the brick being produced is now used for civil projects that had been neglected for decades. The Yards now employ laborers, although they are far from happy. It is a hot bed for protests and demonstrations.

Slave Pits – Twenty-foot high walls with guard towers on each corner isolate an area once used to house slaves working on the Ziggurat of Kalak. Stories of awful practices committed within the walls still wag on the tongues of those who survived the experience. Today, however, the grounds are used by freed slaves to train for the gladiatorial arena.

Rarvin’s Wagonworks – This large workshop specializes in the repair and manufacture of wagons, armored argosies, chariots, howdahs, and more.

Tarnished Cup – The Cup offered previously owned goods, including jewelry, musical instruments and more exotic items that were likely fenced.

The Brick Barrow – This natural shaft was used for decades as a dumping site for slaves who died while toiling in the brick yards. Now and then, haunting cries still echo up the shaft, audible even through the stone plug that Tithian ordered to seal it.


Smith's District

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