The Caravan District

The primary trade and visitor’s district. Most visitors and traders pass through the massive Caravan Gate. The area just inside the gate is a confusion of animal pens, transports, crates of exotic trade goods, traders making last minute preparations, and goods being prepared for export. The gate is watched by members of the Tyrian Guard that collect entry taxes (5% of incoming goods, and 2 cp per head). They also record the name of foreign visitors and their purpose in coming to the city.

Caravan Way winds westward through the city. It is lined by shops offering all kinds of good and supplies. By day, the road is crowded with pedestrians and street vendors hawking their wares.

Vendors and Sites in the District:

The Belching Bride – The inn/tavern serves meals, broy (fermented kank nectar), Tyrian brown ale, and Asticles wine, all of which can be had in the common room. Lodging is available for a reasonable fee.

Caravan Gate – The gate consists of two marble valves, each 20’ high and nearly as wide, banded and hinged in precious iron. The gate is always manned.

Devyn’s Desertwear – Items for sale include broad-brimmed sun hats, sweat-wicking kanduras, sun goggles, fingerless gauntlets, horn-heeled boots, scarves and more.

Grik’s Weaponry – The shop specializes in Erdlu-claw daggers and knives. They also sell obsidian-tipped javelins, bramble-tree clubs, and is rumored to have a small stash of iron weapons.


The Caravan District

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