Artisan District

Tyr’s secondary trade district. Citizens and visitors can find goods of all sorts along Artisan Way. Street performers and vendors work the avenue, but the street is not nearly as crowded as Caravan Way. The District caters to locals more so than visitors.

Vendors and Sites of the Artisan District

Karlen’s Eye: The shop sells collectibles and curios from Under-Tyr and places beyond the city.

Wayward Trader: The quiet tavern for locas serve kip sausage (a local favorite) and biscuits, broy and ales.

Stone and Mortar: Customers order stone by the ton or to custom specifications from a mine outside the city walls.

Sculptors’ Square: Freed slaves renovated the dilapidated manors of past nobles. Marble and sandstone artwork dominates the work, but all kinds of influences are scene throughout the square. Anyone is welcome to view the projects but donations are expected.

Door of Drakes: Rumored to be the haunted sepulcher of the Dethersen noble family. The eerie structure is adorned with reliefs of drakes and flames. Locals leave the structure alone after the lucky view that were able to break in were unlucky enough to never be seen again.


Artisan District

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